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Hours of Operation
2011 63rd st, downers grove, IL, 60516

Fun Playlands

Fun Zone’s 3-story 1800 sq. ft. play area is going to keep your kids engaged and excited for hours by having your kids to climb, slide, jump, and swing through and perform various fun activities with no risk of getting injured. We also have a soft toddler play area to stimulate all the senses of your little ones while keeping the area gated so they there is no chances of any collision or mishaps.

You can relax while keeping an watchful eye on multiple screens with live video streaming of your kids in the play area to keep you worry free. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, multiple power plug points; So, you can get your important works done on your laptop or simply enjoy a sip of coffee or your choice of drink.

Our experts have taken all the safety measurements into consideration while developing this play area. It provides your little ones a free reign where they get to explore the fun to the fullest and interact with other kids.

Whether you to celebrate a group or team event or your little one’s birthday, Fun Zone guarantees to cater the best experience and fun beyond your imagination.

Laser Tag Arena

You are welcome to enter into the black-light battleground with your buddies. Be alert and tackle down your counterpart with your terrific precision. Vibrating chest plate also lets you know when you’ve been tagged and a computer records your score. When the game ends, be sure to check the monitor to see your score and who wins the bragging rights. Maximum of 34 players

It is a must-visit for everyone out there who is fond of adventure and excitement-filled activities. From exciting music to enthralling laser light show, it boasts of some of the most exceptional features that you are surely going to love. Our bumping cars are super fun to ride which you need to experience to believe. Visit our spin zone area now with your friends and family to have the time of your life at Fun Zone.

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XD Theatre

The XD Theater and VR Pods at Fun Zone are going to take you in the world of its own. From horror to adventure, science fiction to action, we have large number of exciting and thrilling collection of different movies. You will be virtually transported to into the imagination land and experience every dimension of senses, be it air, snow, water, earth quake, vibration, fall or movement. Experience it once and you are sure to come back for more.

2011 63rd st,
downers grove, IL, 60516

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